Maggie Strong


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  • Captain George Strong
  • Unnamed Mother

Notable Allies:

Johnny Miller, Zak, Trey Jordens

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Maggie Strong is a main character and a member of the elite squad the Metajets. She is Captain Strong's daughter and the only female member of the Metajets team. She is a A.R.C racer also. Her codename is 'Foxtrot'


Maggie is an average girl with blond hair that’s usually in a ponytail. She has light green eyes and olive to dark green jumpsuit clother as well as her jet.


Maggie feels that she has a lot to prove to the boys as she is the only female member in her team. She is level-headed and often the voice of reason among the team. She has also been flying as long as she can remember and her skills makes her a fierce competitor.



Captain George Strong

George Strong is Maggie's father. She thinks really highly of him and follows him and his orders with respect. But also thinks of him as slightly overprotective as he chose Johnny as new team leader in self-destruct part 2 and not her eventhough she was second-in-command.

Trey Jordan

Trey and Maggie are on fairly good terms, especially in perfect swarm when she and trey kept teasing Johnny- probably because she was mad about him flirting with the princess in Guard duty. They also work well on the battle-field. Not to mention on more than one occasion she even tries to make him feel better like in "Dee gone in 0.6 seconds".

Zakary Kim-Zac

Zak and Maggie get along really well. They are both music lovers-with Zak as an extreme music lover. This is shown as they both go to Razor's show together.

Johnny Miller

Maggie is Johnny's possible girlfriend and love interest. This is usually because of their attitude towards each other and getting jealous when the other one shows even a small amount of interest in another person- Johnny in particular. This relationship hits a snag after Johnny gets picked as team leader by her father. She even shows jealousy when Johnny takes interest in girls as he do to her as well. Towards the end of the series, they possibly started dating.


  • She and johnny are the only caucasian members of the team and both are 15.
  • She is the only female member.
  • She is a very skilled fighter.
  • She likes music like zak